An Academic Paper: Step- By-Step Guide 

How to Format a Research Proposal

You have walked the journey since the first year, and you are on your final lap, and there’s not a better time than this for your examiner to assign you the coveted research proposal. You have the chills because you have heard from those ahead of you how dreadful an academic paper is. Some say that by the time theirs was accepted, the journey involved blood and tears. That doesn’t have to be your experience too. Below is a standard format on how to present your academic paper:

Step 1: Define your problem 

There must be an existing gap for you to choose a particular study topic. But, you must explain to your readers its relevance and why it’s worth solving. To define it well, immediately hit the nail with a hammer by explaining the main point skillfully. Remember that many readers will form a judgment from this point. When attempting to convince readers, use facts, and to back up your evidence.

Step 2: Present solutions

This step is where a scholar is expected to convince readers why their solution will work instead of existing ideas. You may bring a new idea or improve an already existing one. When presenting options, you need to:

  • Accept that different people share different opinions; hence you are bound to face objection.
  • Refrain from sharing viewpoints based on your opinion. Instead, use facts to convince your audience.
  • Be objective. Sometimes students are over-ambitious that they end up providing solutions that seem impossible.

Step 3: Define your deliverables

Highlight the timeframe expected to conduct and complete the study. Also, while doing so, be keen to ensure that your action points are: Specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-oriented.

Step 4: State your plan

The planning step is critical for your proposal, as it explains how to achieve the project’s objectives. To be more resounding, one has to provide facts backed by substantial evidence for every recommendation.  

Step 5: Outline your budget

Carrying out a research project will incur costs; hence, in this section, students are expected to break down the resources that they will need to conduct research and report findings conclusively. Your financial breakdown should convince donors that the study is worth investing in.

Step 6: Conclusion

This section entails providing a summary of write a collage essay the existing gap, its recommended solutions, and benefits. You should bear in mind that some readers only read the outline of an essay to overview the entire paper. Hence, make it concise and avoid introducing new concepts that were not discussed previously.

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